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14-15/04/2011 - Strategic Innovation on Demand
A seminar by Greg Yezersky

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The Next Generation of Best Practices for Creating Sustainable Advantage and Growth

All innovations are not created equal!
While the majority result in financial losses (76 %, Harvard), very few (under 1%) create market
growth (Kellogg, Microsoft). They are termed Strategic Innovations. No longer your firm has to
be a part of these statistics! With the emergence of the General Theory of Innovation (GTI), a
prescriptive theory of innovation, strategic innovations can be created on demand and in any market  2011_IPI
generating growth to their creators!

The Participants will learn:

  • The root cause of growth cessation and what any firm can do to overcome it;
  • A way to identify the future of market and customers requirements, including the 'unmet and unspoken' ones;
  • A method to reliably forecast the future of evolution of products and services;
  • A method to pinpoint strategically important (the 'Right') problems that will lead to disruptive and breakthrough innovations;
  • A step-by-step process and tools for consistently creating strategic innovations.

Target Audience

The seminar is specifically designed to benefit Senior Executives (VPs/Directors) leading such functions as Innovation, R&D, Strategy, Marketing, Product Development and responsible for or contributing to creation of growth through innovation.

Unique Value Proposition and Guarantees

  • To ensure post-workshop success the registration fee includes FREE Implementation Support & Coaching for 30 days. We will answer your questions and provide our instrumental feedback;
  • All tools are actionable and can be immediately applied to the needs of your organizations;
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If by the end of the first day, you feel dissatisfied with the quality of this program, let us know. We immediately and completely will refund your tuition fee.



The seminar language is English and at the end a certificate of attendance will be released.
The seminar will incorporate alternating education sessions, hand-on workshops, case studies and group discussions and will cover the following topics and subjects.


Day 1 - April 14


  • The root cause behind the universal phenomenon of growth cessation
  • The principal remedy: the science of innovation

Fundamentals of the General Theory of Innovation

  • Major concepts
  • Natural Laws governing evolution

Forecasting the Future of Products and Services as a Science

  • The process of forecasting
  • Evolutionary Templates (Universal Evolutionary Patterns)


Day 2 - April 15

GTI "Strategic Innovation" methodology

  • Major concepts
  • Different Growth Strategies; their respective advantages and disadvantages
  • The overall process for creating strategic innovations

The Process Stages and Tools

Stage 1: Preparation (modeling the competitive landscape)

  • Information gathering
  • The process of creating the strategic map of the current situation

Stage 2: Analysis (identification of strategic opportunities)

  • Rules for identification of future (including, unmet and unspoken) market needs
  • Rules for formulation of the problems to be solved to satisfy identified needs
  • Identification and selection of the strategically important problems
Stage 3: Synthesis (solutions development and formation of strategic innovations)
  • Analysis and solution of the selected problems
  • Solutions evaluation (identification of the subsequent issues; risk assessment, etc.)
  • Value Proposition formation

Conclusion: Next Steps

The seminar will be performed through alternative sessions of instruction, hands-on workshops, case studies, group discussions.




Greg Yezersky is the creator of the General Theory of Innovation (GTI). He has been in the business of innovation since 1983.
Greg has conducted hundreds of seminars on the subject worldwide, taught thousands of students and successfully consulted for many Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Yezersky is also a renowned TRIZ expert (certified by Genrich Altshuller, the creator of TRIZ, in 1988) with more than 25 years of experience. He is the founder and president of the Institute of Professional Innovators (IPI), a premier innovation education and consulting company dedicated to developing clients' sustainable capability for "on demand innovation"-




Registration must be done before April 8, 2010 by sending by either fax (+39 02 27992960) or email info[AT] the following data: Name, Surname, Institution/Company, Address, data for invoicing (if different); VAT.

FEE: 950€ (+ VAT) per person

Early bird (until March 18) and group discounts apply.

See the leaflet for further information.



Download the leaflet

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GTI addresses several areas that are never considered in the industry, in my experience. Well done! One of the best courses I’ve ever had. This will permanently change the way I work.

James Sutton,
Systems Engineer Principal, Lockheed Martin Corporation


For my professional objectives, I think it is the most interesting theory I have learned in my life. I am sure that the impact will be great!

Claudio Ongaro,
Manager, Product Development, ADAT (Italy)

With GTI help we have developed a breakthrough in the power tools segment, and, as a result, we expect significant financial gains.

Mike Brennan
Vice President, Product Development, Black and Decker Inc.


Already, I have been able to apply the GTI approach to forecasting to predict future trends in the Graphics printing business resulting in the generation of several truly novel product concepts. I look forward to further applications and results from applying your methodology.

William Y. Fowlkes
Director, IP Portfolio Management, Kodak


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