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Centro di competenza per l'Innovazione Sistematica
(Centre of competence for Systematic Innovation)

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32,
20133 Milano - Italy

Tel. +39 02 2399 9107

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iniziativaThe Centre offers training on TRIZ and on Systematic Innovation to entrepreneurs, technicians, R&D managers, university researchers, professionals and anyone working in the product development in general.
The aim of training is providing methods and instruments for inventive solution of industrial problems via a systematic process, also through testing of the acquired training on real-life cases.
For this reason the training activity basically includes both class training (lectures) and tutoring in the development of projects and business cases of problem solving.
The course are organised by:
  • for Companies and Institutions: training activities are agreed and scheduled according to the customer's needs and requirements, either starting from a standard training package or creating a customised offer
  • for Individual Base and Executive: courses are usually organised and supplied bi-annually

The standard training package includes classical TRIZ applications for inventive problem solving and has the purpose of helping learners to understand the skills and knowledge the Centre has and the full learning path that has to be completed to obtain a structural introduction of the methodology in the learner's company.