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elenco_puntato Il Centro e i Servizi per Aziende e Singoli


Centro di competenza per l'Innovazione Sistematica

c/o Fondazione Politecnico di Milano
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32
20133 Milano - Italy

Tel. +39 02 2399 9107

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Niccolò Becattini
He graduated in Mechanical Engineering (MSc) at the University of Florence (IT), then succesfully defended his PhD thesis in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. His PhD thesis "Requirements Identification and NBecattiniCharacterization in Innovation Processes" receives the "2014 Best PhD Thesis/Dissertation Award" by the Computers and Innovation in Engineering division of the ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Since 2009 he has been collaborating to research projects within the KAEMaRT group of Politecnico di Milano (Dpt. of Mech. Engineering) and since 2010 he delivers teaching activity for both the BSc and the MSc curricula of Politecnico di Milano ("Methods of technical representation" for the BS in Mechanical Eng, Energy Eng. and Aerospace Eng.; "Product Lifecycle Management" for the MSc in Management Eng. and "Methods of Modelling and Simulation of Product Development Processes" and "Methods and Tools for Systematic Innovation" for the MSc in Mechanical Eng.). Since 2015 he is assistant professor (RTD-A) at the department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano. His main research interests focus on methods and tools for engineering design and more particularly on design creativity and cognition, inventive problem solving and technological forecasting to support decision making
and innovation in industrial contexts. So far he authored more than 40 publications in scientific journals, conferences and contribution to monographs.

Yuri Borgianni


He has obtained the Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florence (2005) and the Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at the same Institution (2014). He is currently a Contract Researcher at the Free University of Bozen|Bolzano, where he teaches “Drawings and Methods for the Industrial Engineering” and “Creativity in Engineering Design and Inventive Problem Solving”. His research interests include value innovation, ideation within engineering design, creative development of new products, re-engineering of industrial processes, non-standard employment of problem-solving techniques, Computer-Aided Innovation, intellectual property. He is author of more than 40 publications in scientific journals and international conferences, as well as of the book “Re-engineering of Products and Processes - How to achieve global success in the changing marketplace”, published by Springer in 2012.


Gaetano Cascini
Gaetano Cascini holds a Ph.D. in Machine Design and is Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Dept. of Mechanical EngineeGCasciniring. His research interests cover Design Methods and Tools with a focus on the concept generation stages both for product and process innovation. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Integrated Design & Process Science, and member of the Editorial Board of the followings: Research in Engineering Design, International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation. He is also member of the Advisory Board of the Design Society and co-chair of its Design Creativity SIG. He has coordinated several research projects, among the others the European Project Marie Curie-IAPP FORMAT (FORecast and Roadmapping for MAnufacturing Technologies). Currently he is the coordinator of the European projects: SPARK: Spatial Augmented Reality as a Key for co-creativity (Horizon 2020 – ICT) and OIPEC: Open innovation Platform for university-Enterprise Collaboration: new product, business and human capital development (Erasmus+ – Capacity Building in Higher Education). He has authored more than 140 papers presented at International Conferences and published in authoritative Journals and 13 patents (assignees Università di Firenze, Whirlpool Europe, Bracco Imaging, Logli, Scam, Meccaniche Fiorentine, Otlav, Politecnico di Milano, SAES Getters, Elettrotecnica Rold).


foto_frillici1Francesco Saverio Frillici
He graduated in Physics (bachelor’s degree) at Faculty of Sciences, University of Perugia in 2004, and in 2006 he obtained the Master Degree in Machine Design. Starting from March 2006 he holds a scholarship at the Mechanical and Industrial Technologies Department of the University of Florence. He has actively participated at projects regarding: custom-fit products, specifically prosthesis sockets; drawing up of algorithms for the realization of a low cost body scanner for tailoring; design of a new connecting rod for high performance engines; cooperation in the realization of Educational material regarding Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ); design and optimization of steel items for glass structures; development of conceptual solutions for a new glass block; design of a new system for a carbonating apparatus. His main skills concern: systematic innovation, particularly TRIZ; use of CAD software; FEM analysis of linear and non-linear issues; use of tools for topological and parametrical optimization; instruments for reverse engineering. His main fields of research concern the integration of CAE software with problem solving tools and the integration of TRIZ within classical conceptual design methods. He is a cooperator for the course of Methods and Tools for the Innovation and for and Product Development and Design. He taught TRIZ in several courses beyond the academic activities. He is coauthor of more than 20 papers in scientific journals, and international conferences. He is coauthor of a book “TRIZ, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, Improve your problem solving skills”, a TRIZ text for Higher Schools. He is co-inventor for two Italian patents.

foto_silipiogni1Filippo Silipigni
Filippo Silipigni took his master degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Florence (2004) and received a PhD in ‘Design and Product Development Tools’ at Politecnico di Milano (2011). Since October 2011 he collaborates in Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, in the ‘Promotion of Job Training’ Area.
He promotes the collaboration between companies and universities and in particular he promotes methods and tools (TRIZ and TRIZ-based techniques, patent information, tools for a structured analysis of patents documents) for supporting product development activities. Also he is engaged in the retrieval and identification of possible public financial opportunities to support potential activities and collaborations and to design and provide customized training services for Italian SMEs.
Filippo Silipigni is the Program Manager of the Italian Center of Competence and he is one of the training Experts of the Center and since 2006 he teaches in training courses and/or is a tutor for pilot case studies for companies and enterprises.
Since 2013, he is a teacher assistant for ‘Methods and tools for Systematic Innovation', Mechanical Engineering, Prof. G.Cascini, Politecnico di Milano.